A home remodeler’s website should have a nice professional look and must be easy to navigate. Some home remodelers list all their services on a single page called “Services”. That is not going to go well with Google when it comes to ranking your site on the top pages of Google. You see, Google loves content and if you create a unique landing page for each of the service types you offer, your site will have a much better chance on getting higher ranking on Google.

In addition to having rich content, a site must have relevant images and videos. For example, if your company offers “kitchen remodeling”, your site must have a unique landing page dedicated to “kitchen remodeling” and on this page, you better have some nice kitchen images and if you can also add a nice short promo video, preferably, one that talks about your kitchen remodeling services.  Repeat the same process for all other services your company offers.

Another thing to consider when building a website is to think of ways where you can engage the site visitors so they would stay longer on your site. There is a term called “bounce rate” and Google favors websites with lower bounce rates. A bounce rate is the % of total site visitors that came to your site but exited in under 10 seconds. For example, if 1 out of every 2 people who visit your site opts to exit your site in under 10 seconds, then your website’s bounce rate will be 50% and that’s too high.  Ideally, you want to keep your bounce rates under 5% but how do you achieve that?

3D Home Remodeling Visualizers

If you add anything that will engage your site visitors, you will lower your bounce rate. For example, most people watch videos when they reach a web page, so if you have a nice informative video on your site, chances are your site visitors will take time to watch that video. Other things that can engage site visitors are kitchen visualizer, bath visualizers, or flooring visualizers. Visualizers are amazing tools to keep site visitors engaged because it allows them to create their dream kitchen or bath with a few simple clicks.

kitchen and bath visualizer

Website Spokesperson

Another way to engage site visitors is by using website spokesperson.  Add a  website spokesperson to your website to welcome visitors and direct them to key areas. Increase conversion rates and boost leads.  These days, the trend for many is to add videos–but not just any video. We’re talking about having an actual virtual spokesperson who will directly convey your message to potential clients.  

  • Video is a very engaging medium when it comes to marketing. It gives your website a face and, therefore, makes it more relatable as well. Online, gaining your client’s trust is key to a successful business.
  • Video is the simpler option when it comes to obtaining information, and people are more likely to pay attention to a virtual actor speaking to them instead of reading an entire page of text. The best bit? You can even provide easy to follow instructions and actually demonstrate them instead of simply writing the process out. Visuals are always helpful.
  • Video is far more comprehensive than text. Every second of your video is capable of delivering significant amounts of information to whoever is viewing it. In fact, people are better at retaining information that’s been told to them instead of something that they’ve read off of a page. Whilst a lot of this is also dependent on the script you have written, there is no denying that listening to a web spokesperson is more effective when it comes to getting the message across.

website spokesperson for your website

Digital Catalogs (eCatalog)

If you like to showcase your best work, we recommend you use eCatalogs. eCatalogs are flip-able magazines that can display images, texts, and even videos of your products or past projects that you have completed. To see what an eCatalog look like, click here.

 We specialize in building modern and professional looking websites for home remodeling contractors. We know exactly, what type of information to add to the site and since we also offer the 3D visualizer technologies, we can easily install the kitchen and the bath and many other types of visualizers on your site. Below are some of the sites we have designed for our clients in the home remodeling business: