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Visualization Software And Website Services For Home Remodelers

KBF Designer is a boutique website design and online marketing company in Orange County California that provides leading-edge technologies to kitchen and bath remodelers and flooring companies worldwide. Established in 2000 and with 100s of satisfied clients, KBF Designer can improve your online image, increase website conversion rate, and boost sales at an affordable price. We specialize in Kitchen and Bath visualizers, website spokesperson, eCatalogs creation in Laguna Hills Ca, and 3D CAD Drawings for your business.

Watch the video below to learn about all the technologies we offer home remodelers:

Special Announcement Due to COVID-19 Crisis.

Need A New Website?

To help small businesses during the Corona Virus pandemic, we are offering to build you a very professional looking website complete with content and new technologies for a small one-time fee. Click below to learn more. Limited Time Offer.

A Digital Agency

We specialize in helping businesses grow their online presence through every available marketing strategy both online and offline.

Forward Thinking

We constantly search the world for the latest innovations that can help your business and offer it to you for a small fee.

Problem Solvers

We love working through the details of any technological problem your business is facing and try to achieve a solution.

Customer Support

KBF Designer has the staff to provide you customer support via phone, email, or text 24/7/365. We are here whenever you need us.

Why Choose Us?

Our passion for helping KBF businesses integrate web and mobile apps into their operational processes is unparalleled. It is that passion and unique experience that sets us apart from our competitors. Our home remodeling visualizers and custom website solutions improve Google ranking and website conversion rate in order to make our customers’ more efficient, more profitable, and more satisfying. Click Here for a free consultation and pricing.
Beily TaherianOur website was designed by KBF Designer and they did a great job. They installed the 3D kitchen, bath, and flooring visualizers on our site which has helped our conversion rate by at least 35%. Since they have started handling our online marketing our website is more visible on Google and we are closing more deals.
Bailey T.

Design Consultant, Verona kbf, Laguna Hills, Ca

Kitchen Visualizer #3

This visualizer offers 4 kitchen layouts and one bathroom layout. It does not capture leads. Can be installed on your website for a small monthly fee or a one-time lifetime fee:

We create custom visualizers too


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