Add a  website spokesperson to your website to welcome visitors and direct them to key areas. Increase conversion rates and boost leads.  These days, the trend for many is to add videos–but not just any video. We’re talking about having an actual virtual spokesperson who will directly convey your message to potential clients.  

  • Video is a very engaging medium when it comes to marketing. It gives your website a face and, therefore, makes it more relatable as well. Online, gaining your client’s trust is key to a successful business.
  • Video is the simpler option when it comes to obtaining information, and people are more likely to pay attention to a virtual actor speaking to them instead of reading an entire page of text. The best bit? You can even provide easy to follow instructions and actually demonstrate them instead of simply writing the process out. Visuals are always helpful.
  • Video is far more comprehensive than text. Every second of your video is capable of delivering significant amounts of information to whoever is viewing it. In fact, people are better at retaining information that’s been told to them instead of something that they’ve read off of a page. Whilst a lot of this is also dependent on the script you have written, there is no denying that listening to a web spokesperson is more effective when it comes to getting the message across.

Here are some of our clients that are using website spokesperson on their websites to greet site visitors:


Click on any of the actors below to hear their voice:

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