The average time that a site visitor spends on a given website page is under 10 seconds. If you can engage your site visitors to stay on your site for longer than 30 seconds, that helps your google ranking. Google’s algorythm is designed to favor websites that site visitors stay on them longer.

Our kitchen and bath visualizers are designed to engage your site visitors. Our study shows once we install a visualizer on a website, the amount of time that a website visitor stays on that site goes well over 2 minutes. The reason is that most visitors like to play with the visualizers on your site and for that reason the average time will go up sharply.

We have two types of visualizers: Generic and Custom.

Our generic visualizers are very affordable and we can install them on your site for a small price. With generic visualizers, you can not change the library of products within the visualizer.  That means the cabinet colors or countertop types can not be changed.

On the other hand, the custom visualizers allow you to upload your own products such as cabinet color and styles, backsplash, and countertops. Custom visualizers cost from $2900 depending on the number of products you like to upload to the visualizer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free demo and to answer all your questions.