Countertop Estimator (Premium)


Our quoting software has modernized the way people buy countertops by offering customers the ability to create an accurate instant quote via any internet device without the necessity of a salesperson. Our unique countertop quoting software has been designed to conform to any price structure offering the potential to scale for specific programs or customer types. This coupled with the relative ease of updating pricing by profile allows for quick reaction to market conditions as well as the ability to offer a special promotion within moments. The program can be incorporated into your website, as well as your in-home or in-store presentations. Let the power of our program enhance the strength of your presentation. Our software has been licensed to over one-hundred stone fabricators and distributors.  The countertop estimator always captures the potential customer’s contact information and will send it to you as a warm lead. See the actual Countertop Estimator on a client’s website below. Contact us for more information.

Premium Countertop Estimator Price

Call or eMail us and request a free demo.

Countertop Estimator (Standard)

Unlike the Premium estimator (see above) that has a build in kitchen visualizer, our standard countertop cost estimator does not come with the kitchen visualizer and that is why it is less expensive. your customers can send you quote requests with countertop drawing directly from your website. You can upload all your countertop information (colors, prices) from your computer and can update them as often as you like.

Put it on Your website

Quote Request form can easily be embedded at any existing website, also it works perfectly with WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS systems.

Receive email with drawings

All quote request emails that you receive will contain detailed drawing with sizes, shape, stone color, edge, back-splash, cutouts and customer’s contact information. This tool is truly a great warm lead generating system.

Available in different color schemes

Quote Request Form comes in different color schemes. It will give your program a unique look and make it fit better into your website. We offer free installation or will provide you with the instructions to install it yourself.

Standard Countertop Estimator Price

Call or email us for a free demo and more information

$1,450 (one-time fee)

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