A Complete Website For Your Home Remodeling Business.


COVID-19 virus has impacted all businesses in a negative way. As a small business owner, we are aware of how the Corona Virus pandemic has affected your home remodeling business and we want to help.

We specialize in building awesome websites for home remodelers and contractors. Since 2000, we have helped 100s of kitchen and bath remodeling companies with their websites and digital marketing. If you need a brand new website or if you have been thinking of upgrading your existing website, we have great news for you.

For a limited time, while we are all waiting for things to get back to normal, we like to build you the most complete website that will look like the site you see below for a small monthly fee of $145:


Your new website will have the following features:

  1. We’ll write all the content for all the pages (a $1500 value)
  2. Photo gallery with many high-resolution images
  3. Kitchen Visualizer for your site visitors to create their dream kitchen with a few simple clicks (a $795 value)
  4. Bath Visualizer (a $795 value)
  5. Flooring Visualizer (a $795 value)
  6. Cabinet Visualizer (a $795 value)
  7. Website spokesperson (a $595 value)
  8. Website blog

The total amount you would have paid to have a website similar to “www.WeDoKitchen.com”: $4,480

You can now own this website, complete with everything listed above for a one-time fee of $950 or $145/month for 12 months.

Please note this is a Limited Time Offer and will be offered to those of you who act now.  We are a small team of website developers and digital marketers and we want to help you during these tough economic times. Just imagine how much you would save if you order your website right now. Even if you are happy with your current website, you can order our amazing 3D kitchen and bath visualizers and we will install them on your site at 50% of their normal cost. 

The kitchen and bath visualizers have proven to keep site visitors longer on the site and will help your google ranking as well. We are the only website design agency that can install these new technologies on your site.  Don’t delay, call us today and order your new site or any of the technologies you see on this site at a huge discount. Call (949) 533-1646 for more information.


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