Connect with more customers and increase your online sales!

JivoChat is a fast, easy and stylish way to connect with your website visitors.Provide the info and help they need… and win their business.

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For Only $19.95 Per Month

Your team will respond to your customers much more quickly

The Agent App is easy to use and will integrate instantly into daily tasks. The result? A more efficient team, less distraction and all the tools they need to provide exceptional customer support!

Never miss a potential customer with the mobile app

At JivoChat we believe that the key to customer service kung-fu is to answer chats in 15 seconds. It’s the cornerstone of our app design – and we didn’t stop there: we created mobile apps to ensure you can chat with customers at all times!

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Callbacks and chat teamed up in JivoChat

Chat is convenient for delicately accompanying customers on the website, and instant callbacks are perfect for actively completing transactions. Now, both of these technologies are combined into one solution. You can forward website visitors call to any landline or cell phone. Now, even if you are on the field you can stay in touch with potential customers that are on your site. You will never miss a potential client.  You can easily configure what hours during the day to receive phone calls.

Chat and phone perfectly complement each other

Activate callbacks and talk to your clients with voice and chat.Use the callback feature and the chat at the same time to surprise your customers with awesome service!

best live chat program


For Only $19.95 Per Month

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We wanted an efficient and economical way to directly reach our customers on our website – JivoChat has provided that and more! JivoChat has enabled us to create a more comfortable and confident experience for our users. Any questions, comments or concerns are handled directly and efficiently. Reservations are up and JivoChat has become an invaluable yet simple tool!


Steve Bernard

Managing Partner, ,

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